Soundtracker Beta 1.7.4

Listen to and share music on your phone


  • Simple to use
  • Follow what other users are listening to
  • Lots of ways to share stations
  • Share recommendations via email and social media


  • Can't skip back through tracks in the player
  • Some stability issues

Very good

Soundtracker is a free Symbian application that allows you to search for, listen to and share music from your mobile phone.

You can search Soundtracker for stations based on a particular artist or genre, then listen to songs by this artist and similar music. It works in much the same way as streaming music apps for other mobile platforms, such as, exfm and Soundtracking.

Just like these other music apps, Soundtracker has a social side to it. You can share stations that you've generated either via email, Facebook, Twitter, or on Soundtracker itself. You can 'follow' other users and access all the stations they've generated (and vice versa), which is great for discovering new music. There's even a feature that lets you find stations created by people in your area.

In general, the Soundtracker user interface is easy to get around, and once you've signed up for a free account you'll be streaming music in no time. There are a few small annoyances though, such as the fact you can't skip back through previously played tracks in the player interface - only forwards. We experienced some crashes in our tests on a Nokia C7, which seemed to occur when searching for stations added by others.

The selection of music on offer in Soundtracker is pretty broad, and covers the full gamut of popular music. With more than 10 million tracks in its database, you're sure to find something you like!

Soundtracker is one of the few free music streaming and sharing apps for Symbian phones and is well worth downloading if you enjoy listening to music on the move.



Soundtracker Beta 1.7.4

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